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Omega, which stands for OMG, is a decentralized cryptocurrency created by Omega Internet, a UK-based company that hopes to help users "throw off the shackles of banking," meaning providing everyone with alternative financial and digital business tools. With Omega, anyone can make financial transactions in a completely distributed and inexpensive way.

9.8 billion

Market Cap


USD Price


Total Supply

0.125 billion

Circulating Supply

OMG's digital wallet

Digital wallet is a kind of storage value account. Users can store money for any future online transactions, such as payment, or remittance according to fixed business arrangements. Omega digital wallet is the best combination of mainstream digital wallet and cryptocurrency wallet, because it can realize secure real-time and peer-to-peer value exchange and payment services in different jurisdictions and preparation barriers, and its payment range covers legal tender and decentralized currency.

Private-Sale 0.1 billion

  • - Phase 1: 1 USDT = 8 OMG
Pre-Sale 0.03 billion OMG
  • - Phase 1: 1 USDT = 4.8 OMG
  • - Phase 2: 1 USDT = 3.2 OMG
Omega Project window

Omega has built a blockchain gateway with decentralized trading, liquidity provision mechanisms, a clearing information network, and asset support. Omega doesn't belong to either party. Instead, it is an open network of distributed authentication nodes that constrain the behavior of all participants. It uses the protocol token mechanism to create a proof of equity blockchain in order to achieve market activity among participants. This high-performance distributed network allows transactions between different asset classes -- whether they are fiat backed issuers or fully decentralized blockchain tokens. This is a new structure that uses Huobi to guarantee clearing activities and historical transaction data through the use of Huobi smart contracts.


OMEGA Finance

OMEGA Finance Feature

Competitive Benefit

Yield Farming

Protect your assets with advanced security

With OMEGA, you’re in control, always. We don’t have user accounts and instead work directly with Web3 wallets like MetaMask. This means we don’t own your private keys and cannot ever access your funds. We'll also never share your data with third parties.

How to increase your earnings!

You can earn unlimited OMG tokens by OMEGA TOKEN. The more USDT you Stake, the higher your income will be. So stake your USDT or OMG to make your income 5x-10x.

Wallet App

OMEGA Finance App

OMEGA Finance APPs will be build for easier access to decentralized wallets, defi, and to reduce the stress of operating the platform.

OMEGA Finance APPs brings Yield data, Protected decentralized wallet, Unlimited scalability, and smoothness on Defi aggregator.

  • Easy access to the OMEGA wallet
  • No extra fees
  • Effective news circulation
  • Easy deposit and withdrawl money
  • Secure trading and transaction

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